Controlled Viscosity Molding of Complex Polymers

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Wednesday, November 9 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM

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Title: Controlled Viscosity Molding of Complex Polymers


Molders’ limited understanding of plastic behavior derives from only understanding its performance in conventional machines, utilizing pressure to attain flowable viscosities through shear. Since polymer melt is non-Newtonian, applying injection pressure increases viscosity five to 25 times before shearing. This dictates the machine’s and mold’s robustness; what polymers can be molded; and part cost. Controlled Viscosity Molding (CVM) applies the laws of physics differently, processing any resin with 10-20% of the power of conventional machines. CVM works with complex polymer chains, not against them, enabling precision molding of complex polymers and highly filled blends that cannot be processed conventionally.

Type: Molding Conference


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